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Building empowered relationships to food, body, and emotion through mindfulness and community

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Conscious Eating Community

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We teach and practice mindfulness techniques for dropping the struggle around food, weight, and body, and discovering a unique way of eating that serves your best life.

Meet the Founders: Annette & Katie!

Annette James is a certified mindfulness coach with Unified Mindfulness. She brings a warm, non-judgemental, open presence to support you in the self exploration that is your mindfulness practice, especially as it relates to the inner dramas of eating and food. Katie Gates is a food blogger known for her love of easy, satisfying, and healthy recipes. She wears many hats in Conscious Eating, and loves that her role is always changing to meet the needs of our members.

We will be opening again SOON for new members!

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What is Conscious Eating?

Conscious Eating is about defining your own wise, middle path with food that is something between rigid food rules and constantly overindulging in response to craving. It's about gently shedding your shoulds and letting go of your stories about how you think you are around food, and tapping into your direct experience and body's wisdom to discover what serves you. We practice mindfulness techniques that are specifically designed to help you turn less and less towards food to avoid or fix emotional difficulty, and to navigate swirly food and body moments more skillfully from a calm center.

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