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Building empowered relationships to food, body, and emotion through mindfulness and community


We help people who struggle with their relationships to food and body live more empowered and joyful lives.

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Meet the CEC Founders: Annette & Katie!

Annette James is a certified mindfulness coach with Unified Mindfulness. She brings a warm, non-judgemental, open presence to support you in the self exploration that is your mindfulness practice, especially as it relates to the inner dramas of eating and food. Katie Gates is a food blogger known for her love of easy, satisfying, and healthy recipes. She wears many hats in Conscious Eating, and loves that her role is always changing to meet the needs of our members.

What is Conscious Eating?

Conscious Eating is about defining your own wise, middle path with food that is something between rigid food rules and constantly overindulging in response to craving. It's about gently shedding your shoulds and letting go of your stories about how you think you are around food, and tapping into your direct experience and body's wisdom to discover what serves you. We practice mindfulness techniques that are specifically designed to help you turn less and less towards food to avoid or fix emotional difficulty, and to navigate swirly food and body moments more skillfully from a calm center.

What We Offer:

😌 Mindfulness Practices For Transforming Your Relationship with Food, Eating, Body, and Emotion

We teach secular, science-backed mindfulness practices that help you turn less and less towards food to avoid or fix emotional difficulty. By regularly practicing these techniques in seated meditation, you will find yourself taking your tools off the cushion into life, helping you navigate swirly food and body moments more skillfully from a calm center.

🧘 Daily Live Guided Meditations

Our daily guided meditations are at the heart of our work together in Conscious Eating Community. Cultivating a happier, more peaceful relationship with food requires a new skill set, and we have to practice that skill set regularly to see the benefit.

💡 Monthly Clarity & Coaching Sessions

We begin each month with a heart-forward clarity session to help you identify what is serving you right now around food and eating, and where you want to focus your energy in the coming month. You’ll leave feeling inspired and clear about your next steps on your Conscious Eating path..

💕 Support of a Vibrant Community

You’ll be inspired and lifted up by others who are implementing mindfulness tools in creative ways, cooking healthy and delicious food, and who understand where you’re at and where you’ve been.

🌟 Meaningful, Live Connection OFF Facebook

Throughout the week we offer multiple opportunities for meaningful, live connection via Zoom. Our members log on with intention and feel inspired and supported, not distracted and drained. We use a platform called Mighty Networks that is well designed for human engagement and connection.

💬 What Members are Saying:

"After YEARS of trying every diet, counseling techniques and spiritual approaches to my weight and health and body issues, CE has provided the structure, education, support, community and loving environment for true transformation. This has extended to all areas of my life being improved. For me the key to my success has been the flexibility of the program and the loving guidance in practical ways that Katie and Annette provide. This program is UNIQUE in the most amazing ways."

“I’m amazed at the amount of self-discovery that seems to be unfolding after just one week in this community. This community is the best gift I could give myself for the coming year.”

"It has taken me decades of work to grasp what you both, each in your own unique ways, have embraced and are now so lovingly and clearly teaching and sharing."

”The workshops, Annette’s daily meditation practice, the food inspiration, and weekly challenges are just part of the positive impact this program is having on my relationship with food. The kind encouragement helps me to stop berating myself and just keep coming back to the present acceptance and willingness to keep at it. The profound and comprehensive core program feels like we are all in this endless pool of wisdom together sharing our successes and redefining our failures as part of a wisdom path.”

"Just recently I experienced eating food for comfort that didn’t lead to guilt.  I truly enjoyed it.....this was a huge step for me.  I felt free."

”I joined this community a little over a month ago, and what a change a month makes! The combination of community, shared gratitude, mindfulness, joy around nourishment (and farmer’s markets!) strikes a wonderful, resonant chord. I am more aware of the world around me … sights, sounds, tastes, smells; and with that awareness, comes peace. My body is moving more freely, my clothes are fitting more comfortably, and my mind feels at rest. Here, I am home”

“Here you will never encounter any of the subversive messages to lose more weight or be thinner. You will find true freedom here, and the joy and safety to share with people who are truly accepting.“

”Tonight for the first time I wrote down what I will cook for my family and eat for myself completely painlessly… joyfully really. I think the attitude in this community of trusting myself rather than monitoring my motives has started to sink in to my being.“

“I love the underpinnings of this group, that we have cultivating community, daily mindfulness practices, and leanings towards nourishing healthy food. All foundations for a thriving life.”

Membership Options

At this time, we only offer annual memberships. Transforming your relationship with food is ongoing and won't happen overnight. Investing in the year helps people commit to this work, benefit fully from our offerings, and really settle in.

Sliding Scale Options

We know that many people are on fixed incomes and tight budgets right now. If the price point we have listed on our landing page doesn't work for you but you think you would benefit from our community, please do reach out to us   at [email protected] and let us know a price point that works for you and your budget. We don't want anybody to be shut out due to the membership cost and are happy to offer a sliding scale.

Refund Policy: Refunds for annual memberships will not be available after the first two months. Within first the two months of an annual membership, refunds will be pro-rated based on monthly rate rather than discounted annual rate.

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