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Building joyful and empowered relationships to eating and emotions through mindfulness and community

Conscious Eating Community


In October we’re exploring the theme of cravings. 😬

Our work together this month is focused on loosening the grip cravings have over us with a variety of transformational practices. Practices to heal the cycle from its root, practices to carve out space during the moment of onset of craving, and practices to step into your power to create the future relationship with food you want. Join us! 

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness practices give us tools for emotional mastery and self-awareness, allowing us to turn less and less towards food to avoid emotional difficulty. Mindfulness empowers us to cut through the noise of the external world and discover what is actually true for us. With practice, we develop powerful tools to navigate life’s challenges more skillfully from a calm center.

Why Community?

We can’t master something as complex as our relationship to eating, emotion, and our bodies without the support and inspiration of others. Witnessing others moving along a similar path inspires us, reminds us of our intentions and helps us to keep coming back, validates our struggles, sparks new insights, provides a mirror, and allows for practices to come to life in other people’s experiences.

Community Membership Includes:

🙏 Science-Backed Mindfulness Practices:

Each week you’ll get a new mindfulness practice as a downloadable audio recording as well as through live guidance in our daily practice sessions. You’ll find yourself turning less and less towards food or other areas of the “numbrella” to avoid emotional difficulty and tools to navigate challenges more skillfully

🖐 Weekly Group Coaching

Every Tuesday at 5:30 PM PST Annette offers group coaching for an hour on Zoom. On this call we discuss practical implementation of the week’s mindfulness practice, and Annette offers personalized suggestions for integrating mindfulness techniques into life.

🧘 Daily Live Guided Meditation Sessions

Feel the warmth and connection of real community with 15 minutes a day, every morning at 7AM PST. Enjoy the scientifically-proven benefits of mindfulness, get a new loving lens to see your day through, and foster new habits of wellbeing.

🗓 Exclusive Live Workshops & Events

Each month we take a deeper dive into a theme or topic through weekend workshops and discussions. These sessions are usually on Saturday mornings around 7:30 AM PST. Past themes have included Mindfulness & Technology, Parts Work, Body Positivity, Movement Meditation, and Mindfulness & Intimacy.

💕 Support of a Vibrant Community

You’ll be inspired and lifted up by others who are implementing mindfulness tools in creative ways, cooking healthy and delicious food, and who understand where you’re at and where you’ve been. The people in this community are truly amazing. Join our lightly structured community connection calls, Sundays at 9am.

📚 Conscious Eating Book Club!

Every month we choose a book to read together connected to the work we are currently doing and the interests of the community. We hold our book discussions on zoom on the last Saturday of the month. This extra-curricular is optional yet delightful! Examples of past picks have been Untamed, Veronika Decides to Die, Man’s Search for Meaning, Atomic Habits, and more! 

🌟 Live Connection on a Thoughtfully Designed Platform

Throughout the week we offer multiple opportunities for meaningful, live connection. Our members log on with intention and feel inspired and supported, not distracted and drained. We use a platform (NOT facebook!) that is well designed for human engagement and connection.

💜 What Our Members are Saying:

“I’m amazed at the amount of self-discovery that seems to be unfolding after just one week in this community. This community is the best gift I could give myself for the coming year.”

”The workshops, Annette’s daily meditation practice, the food inspiration, and weekly challenges are just part of the positive impact this program is having on my relationship with food. The kind encouragement helps me to stop berating myself and just keep coming back to the present acceptance and willingness to keep at it. The profound and comprehensive core program feels like we are all in this endless pool of wisdom together sharing our successes and redefining our failures as part of a wisdom path.”

”I joined this community a little over a month ago, and what a change a month makes! The combination of community, shared gratitude, mindfulness, joy around nourishment (and farmer’s markets!) strikes a wonderful, resonant chord. I am more aware of the world around me … sights, sounds, tastes, smells; and with that awareness, comes peace. My body is moving more freely, my clothes are fitting more comfortably, and my mind feels at rest. Here, I am home”

“Here you will never encounter any of the subversive messages to lose more weight or be thinner. You will find true freedom here, and the joy and safety to share with people who are truly accepting.“

”Tonight for the first time I wrote down what I will cook for my family and eat for myself completely painlessly… joyfully really. I think the attitude in this community of trusting myself rather than monitoring my motives has started to sink in to my being.“

“ love the underpinnings of this group, that we have cultivating community, daily mindfulness practices, and leanings towards nourishing healthy food. All foundations for a thriving life.”

👋 Meet The Community Hosts!

Annette James

Certified Mindfulness Coach & Community Host

Annette is a certified mindfulness coach with Unified Mindfulness. She brings a warm, non-judgemental, open presence to support you in the self exploration that is your mindfulness practice, especially as it relates to the inner dramas of eating and food. She will help you develop self-compassion and clarity about your values, as well as helping you act in alignment with them. She is also a huge mindfulness nerd and lover of the mundane.

Katie Gates

Defender of Deliciousness & Community Host

Katie is a blogger and cookbook author known for her love of vibrant, satisfying & healthy recipes. In the Conscious Eating Community, Katie manages most of the behind-the-scenes aspects of running the community, hosts the weekly community connection calls, welcomes and orients new members, bares her soul frequently as an active participant, and occasionally posts pretty meal inspiration. She loves that her role is always changing to meet the needs of our community members.

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Refund Policy: Refunds for annual memberships will not be available after the first two months. Within first the two months of an annual membership, refunds will be pro-rated based on monthly rate rather than discounted annual rate.

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